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Genji Monogatari, or The Tail of Genji, was written as early as 11th century. Murasaki Shikibu, a court lady, wrote the novel. It mostly portrays the lives of the Japanese nobility and high court. The novel provides a detailed understanding of how the Heian period Japanese aristocracy lived - their culture, dress, daily life and moral code. It can be used to guide you to Japan's past and present. This novel is a lengthy piece of literary classic that can be understood to give an overview of Japanese culture, and also provide insight into the development of modern art and culture. The course at allows you to dive into the ancient Japanese culture and world, and answer the many questions that arise while reading.

This course

The Tale of Genji is more than a literary piece. It's a novel that has a significant national heritage. Its influence has been huge on the development and evolution of Japanese culture over the centuries. Modern forms of Japanese literature and art still reflect its influence. Understanding the message of this novel can help you understand many aspects and aspects of Japanese culture.

Students will be presented with a general overview of the plot and extensive visual materials that depict daily life, customs, behavior patterns, relationships, and relationships among people within the circle of nobility. Learners will gain an understanding of how modern society and culture have been influenced by the Heian period Japan's society and institutions.

What you will learn

The preamble to the Tale of Genji's storyline and the unusual language and poetry it contains.

The customs and way of living of the Heian high courtiers.

The establishments, sights, society, housing places, and other structures of the period.

The novel's influence on the development of Japanese culture has been a significant change.

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No matter if you are interested or not in Japanese literature and art, the detailed analysis and interpretation of The Tail of Genji will give you a deep understanding of Japanese culture. It is deeply rooted in Japan's ancient past. This course will help you get to know Japan and all things Japanese.

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