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Knowing and speaking a language doesn't necessarily translate into proficiency in its grammar or vocabulary. These skills can only be achieved with effort. A good teacher and the correct teaching method are key to student success. These are also true for learning French, as French grammar can be complex and challenging. All people who plan to take the AP(r), French exam in the near future will need to attend a class. However, even before they start the class, they will need to have a strong grammatical foundation in French in order to be able participate in oral and written communication activities. The www.europe.study French course was specifically designed to prepare students for the AP(r), French exam.

This course

AP(r), French is a difficult exam for nearly every student. These types of difficult exams can be challenging, no matter how much you know French. It is necessary to be fluent in the language and have some cultural knowledge to pass it. This level of mastery requires a lot of effort. A strong arsenal will come from having excellent grammatical skills.

WestonHS' suggested French course is designed to improve your grammar. It will not make you feel more confident, nor do it take too much time. Instead, the focus will be on improving your French writing and speaking skills. Students will learn how to write essays, and revise conjugations, tense forms, pronouns, and adjective forms.

What you will learn

Revision of pronoun forms and types

Revision of verb forms, and their use in various tenses.

Writing tips and tricks

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Anyone who plans to take the AP(r), French exam will find this course helpful and effective. It will strengthen and expand your grammar and writing skills, and allow you to spend more time on improving your French cultural knowledge and the writing and speaking skills required to pass the exam.

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