European Business Law: Doing Business in Europe


Business is a complex activity that requires an in-depth understanding of economics and law. It is not uncommon for people to try to start their own business, but it can be dangerous as this often fails. You need to be able to manage your business legally and correctly. This is particularly important if you plan on working in the EU. There are often differences in-laws and regulations within the EU. Additionally, there may be differences in the laws of different countries within the EU. This can complicate the process. The second course in the European Business Course series, developed by Lund University, will help you navigate the many aspects of law required to conduct business in the EU.

This course

This course examines the key business ideas, legal issues, and regulations to be aware of when starting or managing a business in the European Union. This course covers areas such as Company law, strategies, finances, key concepts in Labour law, tax law, and environmental regulations. It also guides its readers on how to handle cross-border disputes and how to be oriented in the relevant laws and legal systems.

Learners are presented with the course material in the form of lectures and readings. Each module ends with a quiz. Interviews with experts in the field are intended to strengthen your theoretical knowledge and provide you with current practical views.

What you will learn

  • What regulations govern the EU's internal market?
  • These are the main points of starting and managing a business within the EU.
  • Proper recruitment, employment, and management of your staff in the EU are key.
  • The EU's main taxation and environmental issues.
  • Handling cross-country business problems

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This course is recommended for all those who intend to do business within the EU. It will help them understand the workings of businesses in the EU, as well as the basic aspects of business law. Interviews with experts in the field will provide valuable insight for your future business activities with the European Union.

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