Introduction to Acting


Actors are a fascinating and appealing profession. A person must have passion, a lot of dedication and talent to become an actor. While inborn talent is a huge part of success, professional actors must learn the basics of acting and work hard to improve their creativity. An actor's path is long and difficult. However, if you have a professional coach to guide you, it will be easier, more productive, interesting, and less stressful. We offer a course that will help anyone interested in acting, whether they are a professional actor or a student.

This course

It will be difficult to become an actor professionally if you don't know the basics of acting. This course teaches you the basics of acting and guides you through the practical application of that knowledge. This course teaches you how to analyse play scenes and analyze the performances of other actors, helping you to understand natural performance and spontaneous delivery.

This course is more than just about acquiring theoretical knowledge. Through a variety of activities, you will be able to learn how to listen to actors and understand their true goals. You will also gain insight into rehearsals and communicate your natural performance.

What you will learn

    Learn the basic concepts and principles of acting.

    Take a look at the performances of other actors to understand the principle behind organic performance.

    Develop a methodical and creative approach to acting on your own behalf.

    Focus on your work and not on yourself.

    Use the principles you have just read in your work.

    Analyze play scenes through the actor's eyes.

    The key to quick and spontaneous acting is in your hands.

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You will be accompanied by a highly skilled and professional acting coach. This will make it an enjoyable and efficient journey. It can benefit both those just starting to get on the stage and those that are more experienced and have the desire to improve their skills.

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