How to Read French Poetry


Poetry is the oldest form of literature. Poetry has been a very popular form of literary work. Poetry is a way for people to express themselves and helps others see the world differently. French poetry is rich in poetic history. There are many great works by French poets. It does not necessarily mean you will understand the meaning of the poems. This holds true even for French poetry. This French poetry reading course by is recommended for anyone who is interested in French poetry. It will teach you how to read and understand the stories and meanings of French poetry.

This course

Even for gifted students, it can be difficult to understand poetic language. It is not enough to be able only to read the words and understand the meanings. Special skills are required to understand poetry and its tone. Manchester Grammar School developed a course to teach students the basic skills necessary for understanding poetry, its form and the'sounding' of poetic word. Students will learn how to read and understand the stories behind poems. This course will teach you how to analyze poetry and comment on French poetry.

What you'll learn

Learn new skills and understand new poems.

Read and discuss poems with others using grounded comments, relevant methodologies, and techniques.

Discuss the components of a poem. Discuss how the poet uses them in order to achieve a specific effect.

Find similarities and differences among different poems by the same author.

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This course is designed for anyone who wishes to better understand and analyze poetry, no matter what their reason. This course focuses on the most important aspects in understanding French poetry and poetry in general. This course will help you understand poetry in any language.

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