Beginners’ German: Places and people


People travel to enjoy the country they are visiting. It is obvious that a good knowledge of the language of the country you are visiting will allow you to see and experience more of it than if you don't speak the native language. Learning a language gives you an understanding of the culture, customs, and national characteristics of that country. It's worthwhile to learn a little bit about a country's language before you visit it. This is even more true if the language is spoken in more countries. German-speaking countries are always top of the travel destination lists. It's worth learning German as it will allow you to visit many more countries. is a great place to start learning German online for free.

This course

OpenLearn created this course for learners who wish to quickly learn German before they travel to Germany. This course is intended to help you communicate in German so you can live in a German-speaking area.

Germany , Switzerland This course will take you to Austria and Germany. You will be able to learn basic German grammar through listening to recordings and reading about the people and countries. This will allow you to make purchases, order food and place orders.

What you will learn

Learn the basics of pronouns and verb forms.

You can enrich your vocabulary by learning place names, numbers and phrases that relate to ordering and/or buying something.

Discover the cultural differences of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland as well as their people.

Find out how to interpret the context information to understand the meaning of unknown words.

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It's fun to travel to other countries, but it's double the pleasure to visit a country where you understand and can speak its language. You don't want to miss this opportunity to learn German online. Soon, many new countries will be open to you.

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