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As the official language in these countries. Germany, Switzerland German is widely spoken in Austria, Germany, and other European countries. It is an essential language to learn in order to understand any aspect of Europe or the rest of the world. German is now a leading language in science, innovation and technology. It has been the language of poets, artists, philosophers and musicians for centuries. No matter what your area of interest, learning German is a huge asset. It will allow you to have direct access and communication with great minds in the native language. The beginner German course is an opportunity to learn German for free and possibly even to get a kick start on your next journey.

This course

This course will show you how life is in three of the most German-speaking European countries. It not only helps you to understand the culture and daily routines of these countries, but also teaches you basic skills necessary for learning German.

You will learn basic communication skills through a variety of activities and tasks. This vocabulary does not only include standard German words and expressions, but also includes variations from those found in other German-speaking countries or regions. This makes learning fun and more relevant to communicating with people from other countries. Each week, learners will be given multiple activities to complete. This will make the course a learning experience.

What you will learn

To greet German speakers upon meeting them in their particular dialects.

Simple numbers can be handled

Learn the basics of German pronunciation

Correctly articulate some geographical names that are German speaking areas.

Represent yourself at the basic level.

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It is easy to learn German, and this course is an excerpt from a Beginner German class. You can continue at the next levels Learn a language and have fun!

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