Italian Language and Culture: Beginner

It is a beautiful country, with a lot to offer, especially for those who love art, culture and history. While you can certainly explore each of these areas in many different ways, if you want the real reason for Italy's excellence in all these areas, and not just them, you need to speak at least some Italian. You will be able to communicate with the locals, and the real Italy will only become apparent if you do. We can go together on the course in Italian for starters if you're already interested in learning Italian.

This course

The cultural aspect of language learning can make it more enjoyable and practical. Learning about the culture of a country stimulates learners' interest and helps them achieve better academic results. It is evident in this example of the Italian language taught through its culture.

The course uses a variety of resources to teach the four basic language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. This will allow learners to communicate at a beginning level. It uses podcasts and videos to place you in real-life situations. This allows you to experience authentic Italian communication and the vocabulary that you will need for everyday conversation. Grammatical skills can be taught through video lessons and grammar charts, as well as teacher's instructions. These simple reading materials will help you improve your reading skills as well as reveal the culture of Italy.

What you will learn

This beginner Italian course will allow you to:

In everyday situations, interact with people.

You can distinguish simple grammatical structures and categories.

Get an idea of the Italian lifestyle and culture.

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There are many ways to learn languages. Each one is worthwhile. However, depending on your ultimate goal, you should choose which one best suits your needs. This three-level course in Italian, compiled by WellesleyX, is designed for all levels of learners and will meet all your expectations. This course will help you to improve your Italian skills. Intermediate And Advanced There are different levels to the same course. 

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