Intermediate German: Understanding spoken German


It is often difficult to understand and speak a foreign language both in an academic setting and in everyday life. One might think they are quite proficient in learning a language, but it is often dissimilar to the language used by native speakers. Every spoken language differs from the one taught in schools. Learn German spoken in Germany You are invited to take the short, free course in that language which has prepared for you. It will help you to learn authentic vocabulary and grammar forms, which people use every day.

This course

OpenLearn created this course for intermediate German learners. It is a six-hour-long course that allows them to improve their language skills and adapt to the way native speakers speak German. Common knowledge is that it is difficult to understand the language spoken naturally. This is why it is important to be familiar with the authentic language during the learning process.

The German course is a way to learn the language by listening and watching audio and visual content that was specifically created for education purposes. It shows real Germans telling you about their lives and work. This type of content gives students a glimpse into the culture and lifestyle of natives as well as specific words and phrases that are used in particular countries and cities. You will also learn how to use audiovisual materials in your learning process. Even if you don’t understand all of the material, it helps you build your contextual understanding and improves your intonation.

What you will learn

Video materials for language learning: Understanding and how to use them.

Learn to speak natural German

Communicate information about personal topics

Use your previous linguistic knowledge to understand German

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Intermediate German course helps learners to improve their native German language skills. It also teaches them how to use audiovisual materials to enrich and polish their knowledge of other languages. This course can be useful for improving your German language skills and knowledge.

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